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This material has been provided through the Tools section of Employers Mutual’s EMpower website (“Material”). The Material has been prepared by Employers Mutual Limited and/or one or more of its related entities (“Employers Mutual”) or prepared by a third party and made available through EMpower. Whilst Employers Mutual has made reasonable efforts to ensure the quality and accuracy of the Material, please be aware that it is provided as a guide only and that it may be subject to change (and from time to time the changes are outside the control of Employers Mutual). The Material has not been prepared taking any person’s specific circumstances into account and does not constitute legal or financial advice. Employers Mutual expressly disclaims any warranties or representations and assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the Material (whether prepared by Employers Mutual or by a third party and made available through EMpower including by links to third party sites or content). To the extent permitted by law, Employers Mutual excludes all liability for, and shall not be held responsible for, any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or other loss or damage resulting from reliance on or use of the Material. This Disclaimer does not serve to replace any Terms of Use applicable to the EMpower website. Such terms of use continue to apply to your access to this Material.

Please note that Employers Mutual has ownership of and/or intellectual property interests in some of the Material, and Employers Mutual is prepared to take action if required to protect its rights in the Material. It is not to be utilised by any person other than Employers Mutual members, customers and their personnel who have access to EMpower. The Material is not to be reproduced, adapted or re-supplied without express permission from Employers Mutual. Some of the Material has been prepared by a third party (for example, WorkCover NSW’s PIAWE form) and Employers Mutual requests that users respect the intellectual property rights of such third parties at all times. Copyright in the material prepared by Employers Mutual is maintained.

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